Information Exchange 2012

Useful PLM Information From Practical People

Professionals from various industries came to learn PLM implementation best practices at a one-day hosted event at Mercury Marine or attended from the Webinar.

Attendees from automotive, railroad, high-tech electronics, consumer durables, and diverse manufacturing industries attended on August 23, 2012.

Information Exchange: Hosted By Mercury Digital Services
Eric Fromer and Scott Martin also presented case studies during the Information Exchange.

Eric Fromer Award Eric Fromer Presenting
Eric Fromer - Best Project Lead

Scott Martin Presentin Scott Martin Award
Scott Martin - Best Technical Lead

Information Exchange
Information Exchange attendees represented automotive, high-tech electronics, consumer durables, and industrial products, as well as universities.

Info Station
Information Stations provided an opportunity to interact with production systems and the technical leads who manage them.

Info Station
Don't miss the chance to exchange implementation best practices at an Information Station.
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